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History Of The Large Munsterlander

The Large Munsterander or Grosse Munsterlander comes from Germany and was introduced to Great Britain in 1971.

This breed originates from the German Longhaired Pointer (brown and white) whose breed name was fixed in 1878.  Quite often black and white pups were produced but these were refused registration.  Some years later it was recognised that black and whites were equally as good workers as brown and whites and were given away to farmers and gamekeepers.

Eventually concessions were made and black and whites were accepted by the German Longhaired Club.

Unfortunately this recognition was short lived as in 1908 the club struck black and whites off the record and refused further registrations.

In 1919, the owners of black and white dogs met in Halten in Munsterland, Westphalia and the breed name " Large Munsterlander " was fixed and a club formed.

1971 saw the first Large Munsterlanders imported into the UK.  The Large Munsterlander Club came into existance in 1973. by which time, the Kennel Club had accepted the breed as a " Rare Breed ".  It was not long before the Large Munsterlander gained their own classes and in 1980, Challenge Certificates were allocated to the breed.

Since then, the Large Munsterlander has become increasingly popular but despite this, the breed has still retained it's ability to Hunt, Point and Retrieve.


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